The MSK Group company is engaged in the implementation of modern and reliable solutions in the field of system integration.

We provide a wide range of information technology services, so that a customer can get a turnkey solution in one place, without wasting time and resources looking for a separate company for each task.

Company advantages

High competencies of experts in our team ensure high-quality implementation of the project, in accordance with the established tasks and deadlines of the customer

Each customer receives individual solutions for their business

Our specialists have many years of international experience

We develop turnkey business solutions

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The introduction or change of various IT solutions involves a deep restructuring of the enterprise's business processes. Indeed, in order to be effective, it is necessary to understand the tasks in detail and competently approach their implementation.

Software development

In the context of transformations in the economy, traditional solutions are not always ideal for business tasks. Companies strive to grow with the economy, which means they need unique IT solutions. It can be both developing your own product for your client base, and integration - a combination of various products with your own developments.

Information Security

Information security is the protection of important data, systems, and equipment from hacking and various outside interference. Information security helps ensure the safety and sustainability of any business.

Our company offers you a range of information security implementation services.

Business applications

Business applications are multifunctional software systems and complexes that allow you to increase the speed and transparency of a company's business processes, reduce the time it takes to search and process information, and save material and human resources.

Infrastructure solutions and data centers

Infrastructure solutions are a combination of interconnected components of various tools that form an information network and allow you to manage it. IT infrastructure is the foundation for the implementation of basic information systems, increases the efficiency of the enterprise, and also contributes to the automation of business processes.

Integrated administration and maintenance of information systems

Timely administration and maintenance of IT systems is an integral part of the effective management of an enterprise's IT infrastructure. It should be trusted only by proven and qualified professionals with experience in this area

Our experience

Our company has experience in the following areas:

Financial sector

Financial sector

Industrial sector

Industrial sector

Transport and logistics sector

Transport and logistics sector

Energy sector

Energy sector